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Morbihan coastline

Morbihan Department

Morbihan , also known as Department 56 is one of the four departments that makes up Brittany. Morbihan is in Southern Brittany and has some spectacular coastlines. The climate and landscapes make Morbihan property very attractive!

Carnac, in the Gulf of Morbihan has one of the world’s greatest concentration of neolithic standing stones, boasting over 3000 and drawing visitors from all around the world.

Step inland and Morbihan plays host to the Celtic legend of King Arthur, with the Brocéliande Forest and area around Paimpont.   Today somewhat of a tourist attraction with Merlins Tomb and  the Val sans Retour (Vale or Valley of No Return).

You can pick from a host of picturesque villages and ramble around medieval castles of Josselin and Pontivy.

Morbihan Beauty

is the one Breton départment whose interior charms can rival its coastal beauty. Take a short retreat from the seaside crowds to enjoy delightful walking along the rural waterways of the canal of Nantes-Brest which dates back to Napoleonic times.

Not that the coast lacks charm, the Golfe du Morbihan with the capital being Vannes nestling at its heart , is a shallow gulf, meaning little sea in Breton, dotted with over 40 islands. The wild western coast of the slender Quiberon Penninsula, in places no more than 100m wide, contrasts with the sandy beaches on its eastern side , while the town at the tip is the jumping off point for day visits to the Island of Belle-Ile-en-mer.

Morbihan has also got a micro-climate which benefits in more sunshine hours than anywhere else in Brittany.<

There are many markets each day throughout Morbihan and the specialty foods such as galettes, crepes and cider and not forgetting the array of shellfish that is available, makes Morbihan a place that you would like to come back to time and time again.

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