Discovering Brittany Holidays

Brittany Holidays

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For your Brittany Holidays, you can escape to the islands and discover the beauty of a wild countryside. These vacation havens are available in all seasons and easily accessible from many ports in Britain.

Brittany has a natural heritage that is rich and diverse. On the seaward side, is the kingdom of cliffs, dunes, shingle beaches, mudflats and coastal marshes. Inland, find freshwater ponds, and bogs that are very rich but remain fragile environments. Unlike other regions, Brittany has few species of its own but its fauna is not commonplace either: otters, Quimper snails, eels, shrews, seals, tritons, dolphins …

Brittany Holidays: Legends

The interior also boasts enchanting corners with connections to Britain. Some sites are even bathed in an aura of fantastic legends and stories (Brocliande with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Monts d’Arre people of goblins and other malicious elves …). These legends typically Breton will accompany you, throughout your Brittany Holidays, as you cannot escape them!

Find sunken paths, explore megaliths and menhirs, Bretagne provides high quality tourist destinations: between “Green Ways” which are easy accessible to the greatest number of visitors, and to the more sunken roads nestled in forests and groves. The Green Ways project, aims to cover Brittany with easy-going long-distance paths, also including canal towpaths

Enjoy the Lighthouses on your Brittany Holidays

Brittany has more than a third of the 148 French lighthouses (including 23 in Finistère). The discovery of these impressive buildings is a must if you are interested in Breton maritime heritage.

Of these, 7 are classified historic monument (MH), and 5 are among the few remaining lighthouse still guarded by towers (Sein Crac’h, Belle Ile en Mer et Frehel). These lighthouses, just as the Breton legends follow you, accompany you around the coast during your Brittany Holidays stay.

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