A Brittany Property Hunt?

Brittany Property

brittany property 300x300 A Brittany Property Hunt?

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So you are looking for a property in France – why choose Brittany? Here are some Brittany Property Tips: Although there are some expensive properties especially around the Vannes area, inland property prices are much cheaper – as you get closer to the coast prices will increase significantly.

So what are the charms of Brittany for a holiday property?

Brittany, or Bretagne, is located on the charming north west area of France renowned for its amazing seafood (oysters especially), beautiful sandy beaches, pink granite cliffs and its long and ancient history. The coast, particularly at the western tip, is craggy and rocky, with natural harbours and numerous small islands. With over 2800km of stunning rugged coastlines along the English Channel sea in the north and the Atlantic ocean on the west.

Brittany is at popular summer holiday destination in France, next to the Côte d’Azur, for both French and overseas visitors. Brittany is an enchanting region with rich Celtic historical traditions that will lead you into a beautiful countryside of apple orchards and ancient forests with medieval towns and multitude of fishing harbours dotting its coastline. Important rivers include the Odet and Vilaine.

Inland you can find some large lakes with many activities to enjoy.

If you enjoy your food – here is some typical food fare you can expect in Brittany: artichoke, a real French bread stick, Normandy butter and a local Camembert, followed by big juicy peaches! The langoustines and fish soup take some beating too.

Weather: Brittany enjoys a mild climate but does get plenty of rainfall but on sunny summer days temperatures reaching 30C. The south of the region enjoys better weather.

For the sporting among you there is a wide variety of activities to pursue – from sailing to golf and plenty in between.

Top 5 Golf Courses
1. La Baule
2. Saint-Laurent
3. Val Andre
4. St Malo Golf and Country Club
5. Dinard (oldest in Brittany)

Here are some camping sites you might want to use whilst looking for a Brittany property:

Top 5 Camping Sites
1. Camping la Grande Métairie, Carnac
2. Camping le Ranolien, Perros
3. Camping Château des Ormes, Dol-de-Bretagne
4. Camping Ty-Nadan, Arzano
5. Camping la Pointe St Gilles, Bénodet

Brittany Property TIP

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