Karno Energy – Architectural drawing of a building

The building or all the structures in the plan at https://karnoenergy.com/architectural-construction-drawing-services/ are divided into several segments by conventional centerlines. These are the lines that define the transport structures of the main station.

The spacing between the coordinate axes for a building in Karno Energy is called the phase and the prevailing direction, the phase can be longitudinal or transverse.

If the distance between the longitudinal axes of coordination is parallel to the span, slab or cover of the main supporting structure, then this time interval is called the span.

For the N floor height, this is from the floor level of the selected floor to the floor level of the aforementioned floor. In addition, the principle and the height of the top layer is determined, that is, the thickness of the attic is conventionally taken equal to the thickness of the intergrade floor. In industrial single-story buildings, the height of the floor is equal to the distance from the floor to the bottom surface of the paving structure.

To determine the relative position of parts of the building in Karno Energy uses a network of coordinate axes, which determines the load-bearing structure of this structure.

Karno Energy – Why architectural design

Before you build or renovate a building it is a good idea to make an architectural drawing, like in Karno Energy. An architectural drawing from Karno Energy ensures that the client has a better understanding of what the building will look like and what to expect from the contractor. That way, the contractor knows exactly what needs to be done. An architectural drawing is essential when creating a project.

Without architectural drawings, it is impossible to determine how the building should look when the work is completed. As a result, it can happen that the contractor did not do things the way the customer expected. For example, the direction of the door is not done correctly or the finish is applied a little differently than expected. Without architectural drawings, this is difficult to write down ahead of time, and annoying discussions can arise. Architectural drawings are not always necessary for minor repairs or renovations.

Karno Energy: What is an architectural drawing

The location and dimensions of various products and materials are shown on an architectural drawing from Karno Energy. Architectural drawings ensure that the client and contractor get an idea of what the building will look like. Along with the specification or statement of work, Karno Energy determines how to construct the building.

There are various standardized levels for creating an architectural drawing. Each level defines what should be on the architectural drawing and what it should look like. The following levels are often used in Karno Energy:

  • Feasibility of the initiative.
  • Project definition
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Technical design (technical drawing)
  • Design ready for implementation (working drawing)
  • Use / exploitation

Karno Energy – What kind of architectural drawing is needed

The level of architectural drawing from Karno Energy depends on the phase of the project. The architectural drawing from Karno Energy during the feasibility phase of the initiative is broad lines (sketches) and the architectural drawing during the ready-to-implement phase of the project is very detailed. At this stage, all details are written down to the millimetre. The architectural drawing from Karno Energy in the use / operation phase is made after the completion of the work to record the final realized situation.

What architectural drawings are required for a construction project depends largely on the type of client, bidding method and construction project.

If only an environmental permit is requested, the final level of design from Karno Energy will suffice. In the case of bidding, it is recommended that architectural drawings be developed to the technical design level. Karno Energy provides all types of architectural drawings.

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